Frequently Asked Questions

In this page we are trying to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t get the answer here, give us an email

Q: Are these beautiful bows usable or only for decoration?

A: These are full functionality bows. This are beautiful and shoot very well.

Q: Are these bows fit for horse archery?

A: Yes, our shorter bows are well liked between the horse archers.

Q: What’s the precision of the ordered strength?

A: The strength is set in  ±2# intervall (e.g.. 35# = 33-37#).

Q: I’ve found a Bow In Stock and I fell in love with it, but it’s not my draw weight or out of stock. Can we do something?

A: Of course! Give us an email with the order number of the desired bow and we’ll make it for you with the right parameters!

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: We are shipping world wide.

Q: These bows seem delicate, will they suffer damage during shipping?

A: We ship them in chipboard boxes, so their safety is guaranteed.