Users Information

Users instructions

When stringing the bow, the lower end of it mustn't touch the ground and the upper end must be held and pressed under the bezel.

The middle of the hilt should lean on the inner part of the thigh, while the lower end of the bow above the bezel should lean on the outer part of the lower leg.

Before use set the string in the middle of the siyahs.

If the siyahs become twisted during the stringing of the bow, they also have to be set to the middle by twisting them into the opposite direction.

ATTENTION! The bow is capable of causing lethal damage! Before every shot you must make sure that no human or animal is within the firing range! (at least

400 meters!)

NEVER shoot an arrow straight up into the air.

Don't draw back and release the string without any arrows.

NEVER lean on the bow when drawn.

After use, always take the string off.

After prolonged use the string may get thready and need waxing. When waxing, pull the wax onto the string with fast motions. You can buy wax locally. If the

spare string also gets ruined, you can order a new one from us or you can buy another one in a local shop. Using third party strings does NOT result in

warranty loss. When buying a new string, please show the original one to the seller! 

Our strings are made from B50 Dacron.

NEVER leave a drawn bow under direct sunlight (including a car that is under direct sunlight as well!).

Do not expose the bow to water during use and storage. The natural leather will become darker if exposed to water. If this happens, let it dry and it will regain

its original shade. ATTENTION! If the bow gets repeatedly wet, the adhesive may peel off!

If the bow gets extremely hot (e.g. having been carried in a car in summer) always wait until it cools down before stringing.

NEVER draw the bow over the maximum draw length given above.

How to order

Browse our webshop and pick the product you like. If the type of product requires you to pick its parts individually, please do that from the right menu with

the help of the codes on the pictures. (don’t worry, the system won’t let you miss any options). Put the product to the shopping basket and continue browsing.

After you selected every item, - as in every webshop - you can order the content of the basket. Click to the basket icon and follow the instructions (you don’t

have to register). After you have finished the order, you will receive an email from us, which will contain the order details and the full price of your order, with

the bank account details where you should transfer the price of your order. After we received the transfer, we will produce your order and give it to the

shipping company. The delivery time 3-4 weeks in case of custom made bows and 4-5 work days in case of “in stock” bows. (if you order multiple products, the

delivery time is the longest). After we hand it over to the delivery company, you will get an email with the shipping tracking details. If you have any questions,

please contact us!



Tax charges

0% VAT is included in the price.

You will be liable for all import duties and local taxes, so please check with your customs office if you have any questions related to this.

Returns policy

We want you to be happy with your purchase! If you have any issues or problems with your order, please write us an email, so we can assist.

Under the Distance Selling Regulations you have the right to cancel the contract related to your order at any time within 14 workdays counting from the day of

the delivery.

Some products are exempt, and can not be returned after the processing of your order has begun. These include- some custom made bows.

The Distance Selling Regulations place a duty on you to take reasonable care of the goods once you have exercised your right to cancel. Returned items must

be packaged properly and shipped with appropriate insurance and traceability. Our Company will refund you the value of the original order within 30 days.


We provide a 5 years Warranty for bow bodies (for torsion and brake) and 1 year for other bow parts, excluding the string which have no warranty because

they are consumable.

The product loses warranty if: 

- The end of the siyah gets broken due to inappropriate stringing 

- Various discoloration on the leather or wooden parts in the result of using the bow. 

- If you expose the bow to water regularly and the adhesive peels off. 

- The damage to the bow is caused by the break of the string. 


Attention!  The string must be checked regularly for damages!


If any problem occurs, please send us an email and inform us in great detail about the problem.

If you send the bow back to us (according to our previous emails), we will examine the product within 3 days , and then inform you via email about the

possible steps to follow, which can be either repairing or replacing your bow. If we replace it, the Warranty starts over. Either way, the shipping is at our cost.

If the repairing is not covered by the warranty, we will send the costs of the repair in email.

Your privacy

In accordance with the EU legislation we do not rent or redistribute your personal details to any third party. We will collect personal information about you to

process your order, contact you with regard to orders placed and for internal business use only. We may occasionally contact you via email with information

about our products and services. 

Personal information needed to fulfill an order: 

- Your name 

- Address details 

- Contact details (including email address, telephone number or fax number) 

- Items ordered 

Toppanto Bows does not disclose buyers' information to third parties except when order details are processed as part of the order fulfillment. For example,

your address and contact details will be passed on to courier companies in order to deliver your parcel.