About Us

In our family workshop in Hungary, we have been making traditional bows since 1997. These items were sold in the "traditional" market. We have decided now to expand our business to the online market and sell our special bows directly to the customers. 

During the manufacturing we use natural materials which are close to the old time's bows. The siyah and other wooden parts are made from ash or oak and the leather we use is cowhide tanned with plants. For coloring, lacquering and antique tuning we use modern, but environmental friendly, mostly water based materials. 

"Do not follow your ancestors. Follow what they had followed." 

These are the words said by Lajos Kassai, the most famous horseback archer when asked why the modern bow reconstructions are made from fiberglass composit instead of wood. 

The ancient bow makers made their bows with cutting edge technology and materials available at the time to make the best bows possible. We follow the same route, that is why, at the beginning of the 21st century, instead of wood we use fiberglass composit for making our bows since at present this is the best material available for the purpose.